The Era of the Global Village

What is the global village? It's interesting to watch this clip exploring this idea in this interview with the man who first coined the term 'global village' back in the sixties, Marshall McLuhan. It explores the effects of various media on the way we relate to our lives, each other and our place in the world. McLuhan chose the insightful phrase "global village" to highlight his observation that an electronic nervous system (the media) was rapidly integrating the planet -- events in one part of the world could be experienced from other parts in real-time, which is what human experience was like when we lived in small villages. Marshall McLuhan's insights made the concept of a global village, interconnected by an electronic nervous system, part of our popular culture well before it actually happened.

Label Printing Solutions for Small Businesses

Owners of microbreweries, cottage food processing businesses and custom cosmetic manufacturers have to pay a lot of money to have their labels designed and printed by commercial printing firms, and this can be both To solve this problem, Epson has introduced special colour printers that can be used to print labels on demand. Using these Epson printers, you can print your labels, spool them outside the printer, and use a Bench Series Applicator from Great Engineering to apply the labels onto your product containers. Types of Epson printers that can be used to make product labels During a craft brewer’s expo in 2017, Epson demonstrated 3 printers from its ColorWorks® C Series that could be used to print product labels:

The ColorWorks® C3500 is an entry-level inkjet label printer which can produce full-colour high-quality labels.

Think Local to Rank Locally


They also have good domain authority because they are either on a local council’s domain or are linked to by local authorities. These local directories also usually have strong review processes in place to ensure the businesses listed in their directory are actually in their area. Google loves Government domains. Websites on government domains like this are trusted by Google, so getting links to your website from these domains transfers some of that trust to your website, which is very desirable for improving your rankings. EXAMPLE OF A GOOD LOCAL LINK What does a good local link look like? Click here to see a perfect example. This listing comes from a council site from the City of Whitehorse, in Victoria, Australia. The Whitehorse Council not only provides a free listing on a directory page categorised by business types, it also verifies each listing and provides a separate profile page in the directory for each local business.

Australian Company Creates Innovative e-Commerce Solution

Most product ranges can easily be fitted into a range of shopping carts in the marketplace, but for a duct component supplier, their product range prevented them from joining the 21st century, causing them to remain reliant on phone and fax ordering, as no neat online solution was available to cater for the complexity of their product range. That is until recently when they launched their own custom designed shopping cart at National Manufacturing Week to make ordering duct online a breeze. Anybody who works with ducting parts will let you know, it's surprisingly hard to set up an online shopping cart to sell duct parts, because there is an extraordinary array of component specifications, then on top of that each and every one has its own unique cost. Basic dimension variables consist of specific angles, diameters and also lengths and all these variables mean that regular on-line shopping carts typically aren't able to handle the total number of variables, without resorting to entering the same product again and again, with the only variant being the dimension, which renders the use of the online store into something which is particularly complicated and unwieldy for a potential customer having a look at the product line.

Harvard Business Schools Take on Executive Coaching

A Harvard Business Review survey on business coaching has revealed some very interesting data that will assist those on the fence make up their minds about the potential value of executive coaching. Within the study a lot of useful questions were asked that can cast light on what is required to set up the best possible relationship between an executive coach and any business leader they are working with. The very first question asked was: Do the coach and the executive have good chemistry? The very first question asked was: Do the coach and the executive have good chemistry? Within the study a lot of useful questions were asked that can cast light on what is required to set up the best possible relationship between an executive coach and any business leader they are working with.

How to Choose an Environmental Consultant


Contractors, property developers or companies may require the support of environmental consultants to show that their company, building site or development is in compliance with appropriate environmental regulations or laws, and in these circumstances environmental or ecological consultants will supply documentation of the appropriate These reports will typically be presented to an approved auditor or government department to make sure that approvals can be obtained or adjustments to the plan can be made in order to gain the necessary approvals to get the go-ahead on your project. When you are choosing your environmental consultant it's a good idea to look for previous clients and projects to see if their reviews or track record indicate their services are of high quality. Also look for experience, businesses that have been around for a while are generally well versed in the relevant environmental laws and have good procedures in place, this is generally helpful to get what you need more promptly.

Environmental consultants are typically trained in a specific area and then apply this training to a certain sector

How to choose the best business coach for you


Looking for the appropriate coach to work with can be problematic if you do not know where to look, how do you tell the legitimate from the unreal? The following pointers are designed to offer you a heads up to assist you in making the perfect choice of coach for you and your circumstance. So what exactly should I search for in a great business coach? Amongst the key things you really should search for in a professional business coach is his/her performance history. Unqualified and inexperienced coaches will not have the list of customers that a person who has actually applied their lives to the profession. So request references, reviews and case studies and do your homework to see what your prospective coach has actually achieved in the past. What skills do they offer?

Sign your name before a politician signs it for you

Have you even heard of the TPP - the Trade Pacific Partnership? There's good reason for that, if enough people knew about it it would severely hamper their negotiations because it's less of a 'free trade' agreement and more of a 'free corporate profits from pesky-democratic-rights' agreement; the right to protect ourselves from blind profiteering at our expense. Our democracy is not for sale and should not be compromised by trade or any other agreements. To allow this to happen is to fundamentally erode the principles of democratic nation states. A democracy should have the right to create whatever laws and legislation that are in the best interests of its citizens without the fear of reprisal or punishment for doing so from some corporate entity outside its borders. If I understand the nature of this agreement correctly then hypothetically if Adani for example had an agreement to work in the vicinity of the reef and we then passed a law to protect the reef but inhibited their profits, Adani could then sue us for loss of 'future profits'.

Is your web professional a good match for your business?

If your website doesn't bring you leads or sales, what was the point? If people never find your website or find it but don't engage enough to take an action, then it isn't an asset that's delivering results. Which at the end of the day is why anyone would bother investing in the creation of web properties isn't it? It can be disheartening when you invest a lot of time, energy, thought, not to mention money into a project only to find that it doesn't deliver. How do you make the right decisions so you know your investment will be worthwhile when there are so many choices available and the range in cost and time-frame is equally extensive. If you're fortunate enough to know someone that can give you a good recommendation of a web professional that can help you navigate this complexity of choices, but even then, there are critical questions you need to be asking to ensure you have a good match that will deliver the results you are after.