Is your web professional a good match for your business?

If your website doesn't bring you leads or sales, what was the point? If people never find your website or find it but don't engage enough to take an action, then it isn't an asset that's delivering results. Which at the end of the day is why anyone would bother investing in the creation of web properties isn't it? It can be disheartening when you invest a lot of time, energy, thought, not to mention money into a project only to find that it doesn't deliver. How do you make the right decisions so you know your investment will be worthwhile when there are so many choices available and the range in cost and time-frame is equally extensive. If you're fortunate enough to know someone that can give you a good recommendation of a web professional that can help you navigate this complexity of choices, but even then, there are critical questions you need to be asking to ensure you have a good match that will deliver the results you are after.