Label Printing Solutions for Small Businesses

Many small business owners spend a fortune ordering labels for their products. Owners of microbreweries, cottage food processing businesses and custom cosmetic manufacturers have to pay a lot of money to have their labels designed and printed by commercial printing firms, and this can be both expensive and inconvenient. To solve this problem, Epson has introduced special colour printers that can be used to print labels on demand. Using these Epson printers, you can print your labels, spool them outside the printer, and use a Bench Series Applicator from Great Engineering to apply the labels onto your product containers.

Types of Epson printers that can be used to make product labels

During a craft brewer’s expo in 2017, Epson demonstrated 3 printers from its ColorWorks® C Series that could be used to print product labels:

The ColorWorks® C3500 is an entry-level inkjet label printer which can produce full-colour high-quality labels. This printer can produce 2000 labels daily.

The ColorWorks® C7500 can be used to produce a lot of unique labels in a relatively short period of time. It was designed to enable microbrewers to create labels on demand, but it can be used to print many other types of product labels.

The ColorWorks® C7500G is the most advanced of the three label printers from Epson. This printer can create full-colour labels with a glossy finish and spot colour matching. It has a fast, high-quality performance, and it’s sturdy and reliable. It’s perfect for companies and businesses that need large volumes of high-quality customized labels. During the craft brewer’s expo in 2017, Epson demonstrated how the ColorWorks® C7500G printer could be used together with an in-line label applicator from Great Engineering to create and to apply high-quality prime labels to craft beer bottles.

Why you should use an Epson ColorWorks® printer to create your product labels

Epson is one the greatest label printer manufacturers, and its ColorWorks® series of printers has been tried, tested, and proven to be able to deliver great results in a wide range of scenarios. These Epson printers can be used to print labels of many different shapes and sizes. The printed labels are fast drying, and their colours are durable, so you don’t have to worry about smudged or faded labels.

Why you should use a Great Engineering Label Applicator

The Bench Series label applicators from Great Engineering are fast, efficient, and affordable. The company has different kinds of applicators for different types of packages, so you should visit their website to find out which label applicator is the best for your products.